6 Myths About BYOD

by Team M5 on May 31, 2013


Chances are you’ve heard a lot of talk about BYOD. Some of it is based in reality; some of it is just IT “experts” and MDM perpetuating myths. Sometimes myths are funny, other times they’re just stupidity running rampant. We’ll leave it up for you to decide which of these eight myths are which:

BYOD Myth #1: You can prevent BYOD in your organization.

Consumerization of technology is a force that can’t be stopped. Today’s business users are tech savvy. They know what they want, what they need, and how to get it. You can’t prevent BYOD in your organization, but you can choose to take measures to prevent the fallout from unsecure devices.

BYOD Myth #2: Apple devices are the main encroacher. 

In reality, BYOD is about more than just demand for Apple devices. According to Chris Hazelton, analyst with The 451 Group, although BYOD was once “a fancy term for ‘yes, I support your iPhone, that is changing to ‘I will support your iPhone and Android, including tablets.’”

BYOD Myth #3: Millennials are driving the trend of BYOD.

No, it’s not a new generation of employees pushing their own devices into the corporate network that’s driving the BYOD trend. Rather, surveys have suggested that BYOD is a policy driven by the IT department itself and senior executives who insist on using personal devices for work.

BYOD Myth #4: BYOD means wasted productivity. 

Although some are concerned about employees playing FarmVille or checking sports scores instead of working, increased productivity is also one of the biggest drivers for the popularity of BYOD.

BYOD Myth #5: BYOD violates employee privacy and will lead to lawsuits.

Some have suggested that the best way to mitigate risk is to monitor the entire mobile device being used on a network, regardless of who owns the device. That strategy creates a “big brother”-like effect when used to manage BYOD devices. However, when IT departments take measures to protect corporate data, not the device, this irrational fear of privacy-based lawsuits becomes just that: Irrational.

BYOD Myth #6: The enterprise is pushing back.

Sometimes stats are the best way to combat myths. According to a recent study by Gartner: “38% of companies will stop issuing company-owned devices by the year 2016.” Sounds like solid adoption to us.

What BYOD myths have you heard lately? The funny, the false, and the absurd—share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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