Your Best Alternative to VDI: Client-side Virtualization

by Team M5 on April 30, 2013

Although VDI has been touted as the most economical, efficient way to manage desktop, server-side solutions pose serious drawbacks—including massive infrastructure investment, huge data-center power bills, and the need for ample bandwidth and high Internet speeds. What if your organization could confer the benefits of VDI at a much lower cost than server-based options? (Spoiler: You can!)

The Server-side VDI Alternative: Client-side VDI

Unlike server-side VDI, client-side virtualization runs images from central servers connected to desktops via a remote desktop protocol. This allows for central management, while executing on the local device itself.

In this video, John Whaley, CTO of MokaFive, further discusses the benefits and drawbacks of client-side VDI, as well as the pros and cons of server-side VDI.

Interested in seeing for yourself how M5’s client-side virtualization provides a practical security solution to growing BYOD and mobility trends? Test drive MokaFive today!  


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