"Patch Tuesday" angst? MokaFive has the antidote.

by Purnima Padmanabhan on February 12, 2013


ft Patch Tuesday update promises admin headaches,” reads a headline on a story posted today on the TechWorld UK website (http://news.techworld.com/security/3425366/microsoft-patch-tuesday-update-promises-admin-headaches/).

Big headaches, indeed. Tomorrow's behemoth patch will include 12 security updates, including two for Internet Explorer. The update addresses a whopping 57 security bugs in IE, Windows, Office, and Exchange Server.

As everyone who works in IT knows, big patches mean big trouble—lots of user disruption, downtime, numerous restarts, and potential rollout failures. The automated Windows update process makes it difficult for IT departments to properly test the updates before deploying.

However, here at MokaFive, where we have just one IT staff member for the whole company, tomorrow's Patch Tuesday will be just another day at the office.

With MokaFive, IT controls the update process from start to finish. The desktop-suite product allows administrators to deploy upgrades in a single step. It does this by utilizing a virtual PC stored as a single golden image.

Administrators can apply all of the patches at once to this single image, test it, and then deliver it to every user (even in remote offices) as a bit-accurate copy of the original. Users merely refresh their virtual PCs once to receive all updates simultaneously, making the process almost seamless. If errors occur, admins can roll back to the previous version of the golden image with a single click. This saves hours—sometimes days—of work.

If you're dreading tomorrow's update, download MokaFive's 30-day free, no-obligation trial today. I'm hoping it will make your “Patch Tuesday” seem more like a Friday. I look forward to your candid feedback.



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