MokaFive: Shifting Into High Gear for 2013

by Purnima Padmanabhan on January 24, 2013

It's a brand new year—the perfect time to celebrate 2012's accomplishments and get laser-focused on the year to come.

We knew that 2012 would be a banner year for MokaFive, but it surpassed all expectations. Not only did we see a three-fold increase in year-over-year revenues, we also gained major traction within the BYOD movement, which validated our model and philosophy. Secure containerization has turned out to be a perfect fit for BYOD, regardless of device.

What's more, our channel program really took off this year—dramatically extending the reach for MokaFive's solution set, both in mid-market and in SMB. And we secured some key partnerships with Lenovo, Dell (taking over the Quest partnership), and Intel.

We expect the momentum to continue with the introduction of some brand-new products and some cool enhancements to existing ones.

However, the most exciting news is that MokaFive has a new CEO at the helm— Dave Robbins, a man best known for taking a little company called BigFix and turning it into something lucrative enough that a big company called IBM acquired it in 2010. BigFix was a pioneer in the endpoint-management-software space.

With more than 25 years of senior management experience at private and public companies, Dave brings a successful record of accomplishment in building dynamic, high-performance teams, as well as a wealth of knowledge in mobility and endpoint management.

So, net-net, I'm very excited about 2013. I know it will be MokaFive's best yet. Stay tuned for big news…there's lots on the way!



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