Consumerization of IT: It's Not Just About Tablets and Phones

by imcwilton on October 30, 2012

“Consumerization of IT” has become the tech-media mantra over the last year or so. It’s everywhere….CIO Magazine, InfoWorld, etc …everyone is beating the consumerization drum. Phones, tablets, iOS vs. Android, MDM, Dropbox…the convoluted discussion goes on and on.  However, one piece of technology seems to have been lost in this discussion—laptops. Why does this matter? Most of the smartphones and tablets that are entering the enterprise already belong to the employees that bring them in. But in many cases, laptops are bought and supported by the corporation.  So shouldn’t a company’s consumerization of IT initiative start with laptops?

When employees use their own laptops at work, they save the company big sums otherwise spent on desktop hardware…but if (and only if) you take the right approach.

For example, you *could* enable BYOD by using VDI. However, marketing hype to the contrary, server-side virtualization just moves costs away from the endpoint and into the datacenter—multiplying expenditure by a factor of 10!

There is a better way—client-side virtualization, like MokaFive Suite.

Here’s the high level:

  1. Users bring their own laptops
  2. They connect to a guest network (Internet facing only)
  3. The corporate desktop is copied down to their laptop into a secure bubble and runs locally on the laptop
  4. This guest VM tunnels in to the corporate environment 5) A small web app in the datacenter controls all aspects of the VM execution, as well as security— including the ability to kill the data container at any time

Using this method, we harness the power of the user’s laptop for execution, as opposed to the datacenter servers. This means that our costs are much lower. (Much, much, much lower.)  To give an example, a typical hardware installation from one of the two main vendors runs at about $2M for 3000 users. Ours is about $25k (for up to 5,000 users). And the end user experience is much better, too!

So as you read through story after story about the consumerization of IT, keep in mind that you can do it…or you can do it RIGHT. Start with the laptop and MokaFive. Once your company sees the savings, you’ll be the IT MVP.


Ian McWilton,
Chief Evangelist/VP



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